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Investor Info

The materials below provide an overview and deeper understanding of our wide selection of deals, as well as other important information related to our securitization program.

Investor Presentations

  • Small Balance Loan (SBL) Investor Presentation

    Provides an overview of our Small Balance Loan (SBL) program, SBL mortgage guidelines, SB-DealSM performance, most recent SB-Deal highlights and more.

    SBL Presentation
  • ML-DealSM Investor Presentation

    The TEL securitization program is a more efficient, cost-effective alternative to tax-exempt bond credit enhancements for properties with 4% Low-Income Housing Tax-Credits.

    TEL Securitization Investor Presentation
  • Seniors Housing Investor Presentation

    Gain understanding and perspective on our Seniors Housing program, including an overview of our credit approval process and transaction highlights.

    Seniors Presentation
  • Workforce Housing Investor Presentation

    Provides an overview of our Workforce Housing program and includes renter statistics, KW deal performance and related Freddie Mac research.

    Workforce Housing Presentation
  • Structured Credit Risk (SCR) Notes Overview

    SCR-Notes are unsecured general obligations of Freddie Mac, which are also subject to credit risk of an identified pool of multifamily mortgage loans.

    SCR Presentation
  • Participation Certificates (PC) Investor Presentation

    Our Multi PC program issues both fixed and floating rate 55-day Participation Certificates (PC). Most Multi PCs are secured by loans that have low credit risk, longer terms and/or affordable components. Read more in this presentation.

    Multifamily PCs Presentation
  • Value-Add Investor Presentation

    Our Value-Add Loan program offers short-term financing for modest property upgrades. We underwrite, purchase then sell mortgage loans to a closed-end Multifamily Whole Loan Fund (WLF). The WLF subsequently securitizes a pool of loans using Freddie Mac K-I Deal structure. Read this presentation for more information.

    Value Add Presentation


Additional Information