We help make home possible for renters and their families with very low to moderate incomes by financing affordable and workforce housing. Renters across the nation are experiencing an overall shortage of affordable housing.

To combat the affordability crisis, we work with lenders and syndicators to create new affordable housing, rehabilitate and improve the existing supply, and preserve rental affordability through our Conventional, Targeted Affordable Housing (TAH), Small Balance Loans and Seniors Housing programs, as well as Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) Equity investments.

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We promote the creation of new affordable and workforce housing supply. For example:

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To improve the existing housing supply, Freddie Mac has many loan offerings to help extend the life of affordable and workforce multifamily housing. For example:

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The bulk of efforts to keep rents affordable are through TAH financing for properties that benefit from government subsidies, but we also encourage borrowers to commit to keep rents affordable through our loan agreements. For example: