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Freddie Mac Multifamily staff speaking engagements or attendance at industry events are listed as they're confirmed.

Events and Education

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  • February 12 – February 15

    MBA CREF 2023

    San Diego, California

    Freddie Mac Speakers:Kevin Palmer, head of MultifamilyFreddie Mac Attendees:Various staff members from Asset Management & Operations, Capital Markets, Multifamily Legal, Production & Sales, and Underwriting & Credit
  • February 13

    Freddie Mac Optigo® Lender Update (MBA CREF)

    San Diego Manchester Grand Hyatt, Seaport Ballroom AB

  • February 21

    Principles of Responsible Investment Webinar


    Freddie Mac Speakers:Luba Kim-Reynolds, head of Multifamily Investor Relations & ESG Initiatives, Multifamily Capital Markets
  • February 26 – March 3

    SFVegas 2023

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Freddie Mac Attendees:Robert Koontz, Senior Vice President, Multifamily Capital Markets
    Jason Griest, Vice President, Securitization
    Ling Xu, Vice President, Investments & Portfolio Management
    Luba Kim-Reynolds, Director, Investor Relations & ESG Initiatives
    Philip Valos, Manager, Investor Relations
  • March 1 – March 3

    2023 NIC Spring Conference

    San Diego, California

    Freddie Mac Attendees:Steve Schmidt, Senior Director, Seniors Housing Production & Sales
    Jeff Bagley, Manager, Seniors Housing Production & Sales
    Erik Cassella, Producer, Seniors Housing Production & Sales
    Kathy Ryser, Senior Director, Seniors Housing Underwriting & Credit
    Ben Barash, Manager, Seniors Housing Underwriting & Credit
  • March 6 – March 9

    NH&RA Annual Meeting

    Bonita Springs, Florida

    Freddie Mac Attendees:Curtis Melvin, Senior Director, TAH Production & Sales
    Peter Lillestolen, Senior Director, TAH Production & Sales
  • March 23

    CREvolution: Technology in the Marketplace

    Washington, D.C.

    Freddie Mac Speakers:Pamela Dent, Vice President, Multifamily Asset Management
  • March 27 – March 29

    Housing CA 2023 Conference

    San Diego, California

    Freddie Mac Attendees:Chris Osborn, Senior Producer, TAH Production & Sales
    Liam Moore, Senior Analyst, TAH Production & Sales
  • March 29

    CREFC Spring Symposium

    New York City, New York

    Freddie Mac Attendees:Pamela Dent, Vice President, Multifamily Asset Management
  • March 30 – April 1

    NEDSI 2023 Conference

    Washington, D.C.

    Freddie Mac Speakers:Michael Kenney, Vice President, Operational Risk
  • Multifamily Process Overview

    Walk through the Freddie Mac Multifamily production and underwriting processes and how they contribute to our mission.
  • Organizational Chart Overview

    Get an overview of the organizational chart process and insight into the factors that impact the org structure.
  • Production and Pricing Overview

    Learn more about specific products and the pricing process, including the quote sheet, servicing fee schedule and rate-lock.
  • Multifamily Appraisals 101

    This primer covers important processes and requirements to support those working on Multifamily appraisal reports.
  • TAH Prescreen Submission

    You'll learn best practices around the TAH prescreen submission process necessary to receive a quote on a new loan opportunity.
  • TAH Product Basics

    In this module, you'll learn the basics about the various affordable products Freddie Mac Multifamily offers.
  • TAH Underwriting Basics

    Walk through the TAH underwriting process from start to finish in this module.
  • Know Your Customer

    Know Your Customer (KYC) is an important concept. Learn what it is and how to best complete an organizational chart with this module.
  • Currently there are no upcoming webinars for this business line. Visit Optigo Academy to access self-paced learning courses instead.

  • Loan Submission Template

    Learn about specific items within the Loan Submission Template (LST) as they apply to Freddie Mac Seniors Housing. Topics include some items found in the Rent Roll tab and the Occupancy by Acuity tab.
  • Seniors Housing Medicaid Analysis

    Make your loan submissions smoother by including the correct information and calculations for properties that include Medicaid units.
  • NIC Market & Inventory Analysis

    Review the property comparable submission. Topics include rental and sales comparables, occupancy and construction/pipeline.
  • Continuing Care Retirement Communities with Entrance Fee

    Learn about Continuing Care Retirement Communities and common factors for consideration when sizing and underwriting loans for these properties.
  • Quote Request Submissions

    Get best practices on submitting a quote to the Freddie Mac Seniors Housing Team.
  • Q-Deal Servicer Curriculum

    This curriculum gives Q-Deal servicers a detailed overview of how to service Freddie Mac Q-Deals. It covers hot topics and best practices on borrower consents, surveillance, legal, insurance, special servicing, loan servicing and compliance.
  • 2020-2022 Top Audit Issue: CDD

    The first module in our microlearning series covers customer due diligence (CDD), a top audit issue. Walk through this short module to learn how to perform better CDD.
  • Optigo Fraud

    Walk through the most current Freddie Mac Multifamily Seller/Servicer Guide requirements and consider case study scenarios related to fraud. We encourage all in the Optigo® network to complete this module.
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