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Why Us?

Get innovative offerings, competitive pricing and certainty of execution from a dedicated and knowledgeable team who roll up their sleeves to get the job done.

Why Our Lenders?

Whatever you need funding for – an acquisition, renovation, going green, or a supplemental loan – we’ve got your solution. Our Optigo® lenders will help you get started.

How Borrowers Can Obtain Freddie Mac Multifamily Funding

Multifamily Funding

We want to expand access to financing for borrowers who do not yet work with us. Please read through our summary to learn more about working with Freddie Mac Multifamily.

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Resources for Borrowers

Renter Resource Organizations

We work with local nonprofit organizations that provide housing services to renters.

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Credit Building

Our new initiative benefits renters, property owners and the industry, using on-time rent payments to build renters' individual credit scores.

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Equitable Housing Finance Plan

Learn about the five key areas of our first ever equitable plan.

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Impact Sponsor Award

The Impact Sponsor Award is a new annual award established by Freddie Mac. Learn more about the award and Comunidad Partners, the 2021 winner.

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Toward a More Equitable Multifamily Market

In our first year, we took concrete, meaningful actions to foster a more equitable housing finance system.

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