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Highlighting our Impact on Equitable Housing

Our interactive map shows examples of how we’re going further to fulfill our mission and make the rental housing market more equitable.

We’re working to address affordable housing challenges, and ultimately, to increase opportunities and create long term solutions for renters. In this map, you will see a few of the ways we’re partnering across the nation to:

  • improve the quality of life for residents
  • preserve or create affordable rental housing
  • strengthen traditionally underserved markets and communities

Although our efforts to make multifamily housing more equitable are well underway, we’re far from done. We will continue to add more projects to our map. The more stories, the more we will see how we’re making progress together — and just how many possibilities we have to advance equity.

If you are interested in highlighting a Freddie Mac Multifamily deal in this map, we encourage you to send us your information.

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