The materials below provide an overview and deeper understanding of our wide selection of deals, as well as other important information related to our securitization program.

Investor Presentations

  • Small Balance Loan (SBL) Investor Overview

    Provides an overview of our Small Balance Loan (SBL) program, SBL mortgage guidelines, SB-Deal® performance, most recent SB-Deal highlights and more.

    SBL Presentation
  • Multifamily Participation Certificates (Multi PCs®) Overview

    Our Multi PC® program issues both fixed and floating rate 55-day Participation Certificates (PC). Most Multi PCs are secured by loans that have low credit risk, longer terms and/or affordable components. Read more in this presentation.

    Multifamily PCs Overview
  • Impact Bonds

    We have designed targeted Impact Bonds to help investors focus on overcoming housing challenges and provide support for environmental, social and sustainability goals. Click on the links below to learn more.

    Impact Bonds Overview
  • WI K-Deal Investor Overview

    When-Issued K-Deal (WI Trust) certificates are bonds that better align our multifamily loan originations with our multifamily securities investors by shortening the period between loan originations and security issuance.

    WI K-Deal Investor Overview
  • ML-Deal® Investor Overview

    The TEL securitization program is a more efficient, cost-effective alternative to tax-exempt bond credit enhancements for properties with 4% Low-Income Housing Tax-Credits.

    TEL Securitization Investor Overview
  • MCIP Transactions Overview

    Multifamily Credit Insurance Pool (MCIP) transactions are insurance-based credit risk sharing transactions that use insurance policies with global (re)insurance companies to cover a portion of credit risk associated with eligible multifamily mortgages linked to reference pools.

    MCIP Transactions Overview
  • MSCR Notes Overview

    Multifamily Structured Credit Risk Notes (MSCR Notes) are unguaranteed securities designed to transfer to investors a portion of the credit risk associated with eligible multifamily mortgages linked to a reference pool, thereby reducing U.S. taxpayers’ exposure to mortgage default risk.

    MSCR Notes Overview
  • Seniors Housing Investor Overview

    Gain understanding and perspective on our Seniors Housing program, including an overview of our credit approval process and transaction highlights.

    Seniors Overview

Additional Information