The multifamily market has seen a tremendous amount of change since the onset of the pandemic, and even more so in recent months due to rising inflation and interest rates. Despite this increased uncertainty, multifamily fundamentals are expected to remain steady throughout 2022 and see continued moderation into 2023.

Our recent 2022 Multifamily Midyear Outlook report takes a deep dive into macroeconomics, fundamentals and other drivers affecting the multifamily housing market. To better understand these topics, we’ve brought together three of our subject matter experts to discuss how these trends are impacting investors, lenders and borrowers. Steve Guggenmos and Sara Hoffmann in the Research & Modeling team are joined by Philip Valos from the Multifamily Investor Relations team and together they share their perspectives on economic trends, inflation, interest rates and more.

Notable Timestamps

  • 0:00 Backdrop of the market
  • 2:35 Macroeconomic themes, rates and volumes
  • 10:30 Fundamentals, supply and regional trends
  • 17:45 What are some of the key questions from consumers and investors?

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