We’ve upped your advantage in Green Advantage®.

Thank you for your feedback: It’s now better than ever to go green with better pricing benefits, increased eligibility and more opportunities. Plus, our producers will make it easy for you and your borrowers by giving you the green light on eligible deals.

  • Pricing: Increased pricing benefit for Green Up® and Green Up Plus®.
  • Eligibility: Only 40% of units must be affordable at designated market area median income (AMI) — down from 50%.
  • More Opportunities: Reintroduced extremely cost-burdened designations for select markets for Green eligibility — e.g., deals in NYC will qualify for Green Up at 150% of AMI versus 120% AMI.
  • Proactive Quotes: Your Freddie Mac producer will now screen your deal to see if it qualifies and provide you a 10-year fixed Green quote if eligible.
  • Green Retrofits Eligibility: Lowered the eligibility requirement on Green Retrofits from 50% of units at 60% AMI to 20% of units at 60% AMI.

Our Affordability Test accounts for these changes, so our Optigo® lenders can continue to rely on these qualification fields to assess eligibility:


Green Eligibility Table

A reminder for Green Up, Green Up Plus and Green Certification:

  • Loans must be fixed rate with a 10-year term
  • At least 40% of units must be affordable at 80% to 150% AMI based on the market:
    • 80% AMI in standard markets
    • 100% AMI in cost-burdened markets
    • 120% AMI in very cost-burdened markets
    • 150% AMI in extremely cost-burdened markets

Green is gold — and your partnership is key to the success of our Green Advantage program. We look forward to making even greater strides helping renters, and improving the energy/water efficiency of workforce and deeply affordable housing nationwide. See the term sheet.

Please reach out to your Freddie Mac Production & Sales representative with any questions.