Our K-Deal® securitization issuance volume recently surpassed the $500 billion mark with the settlement of K-F135. The K-Series, which began in 2009, revolutionized how we conduct business, from being a portfolio lender to one that transfers credit risk to third-party investors.

The K-Deal has been key to Freddie Mac Multifamily’s growth for more than a decade. It’s a simple and straightforward execution with a track record of virtually no credit losses. With a half-trillion in volume to date, K-Bonds are also the most liquid and tradeable multifamily securities around and have become a benchmark security for the industry.

K-Deal Program Highlights

  • Since 2009, we have settled 485 separate K-Deals totaling $500.5 billion in issuance volume.
  • The growth in our K-Deal volume has accelerated in recent years along with record production volumes.
  • In 2021, we priced 67 fixed- and floating-rate deals with a total issuance of $63.5 billion.
  • K-Deals have enjoyed a continually growing and dedicated investor base. Nearly 1,000 separate investors have participated since the creation of the program.
  • At present, 99.97% of loans securitized through K-Deals are current as measured by outstanding principal balance. We have not to date realized any credit losses on K-Deal guarantees.

Thank you all for your partnership and continued support in our K-Deal program. We are proud of this milestone and to be the industry standard for the GSEs’ commercial mortgage-backed securities.

More information about K-Deal benefits and performance, visit https://mf.freddiemac.com/investors/k-deals.