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  Multifamily Securities Investor Access

Multifamily Securities Investor Access (MSIA) is an online tool that provides investors and analysts with information related to Freddie Mac Multifamily K-Deals, ML-Deals, Q-Deals, SB-Deals, and PC mortgage-backed securities and their underlying collateral. It also provides information about SCR Notes. The available data includes the standard Investor Reporting Package provided monthly by the master servicer and trustee for a given security issuance. For a single deal or a portfolio, this tool provides a combination of standard and custom reporting capabilities.

Security Lookup

Retrieve Mortgage Securities information based on CUSIP or Series and Class.

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Step 1: Enter CUSIP Number OR Series & Class


Step 2: Select Information Option
Information Option

Step 3: Select Tax Year

Product and example series numbers Example Series Number
Multiclass Certificates (REMIC, Stated Final REMIC) 3530, SF05
Reference REMIC R016
Stripped Interest Certificates (STRIP) 258
Structured Pass-through Certificates (T-Deal) T082
Freddie Mac Securities REMIC Trust (Whole Loan REMIC) 05S001
Multifamily M Series M022
Multifamily Structured Pass-through Certificates
(K-Deal, Q-Deal, SB-Deal)
K003, Q001, KKA1*, SB001
Multifamily Aggregation Risk Transfer Certificates (KT-Deal) KT01
Multifamily REMIC P001
Multifamily ML Certificates (ML-Deal) 17ML01

*KKA series for Lookup purposes is KKA1