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Benchmarking and Utility Resources

Green Advantage® Benchmarking

Under 2019 guidelines for Green Up® and Green Up Plus® loans, borrowers must retain a qualified third-party consultant (Benchmarking Data Consultant) to collect, input and monitor actual energy and water usage at multifamily properties prior to the origination of the loan. View the consultant qualifications.

We’ve created resources to help with benchmarking and reporting:

Benchmarking Metrics are generated in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® (Portfolio Manager) after 12 consecutive months of utility consumption data are entered for the property. For 2019 loans, this task must now be done by the Benchmarking Data Consultant.

Benchmarking Metrics must be submitted through this Portfolio Manager link.

Utility Information

Your borrowers may want to know how they can get the utility data needed for a Green Assessment® and for benchmarking.

Visit the EPA Energy Star® site or use the tool below that lets you search by zip code to see whether or not the area utility company shares aggregate data. This will help owners get the tenant data they must provide for the assessment or for benchmarking.