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Creating A Better Resident Experience with FCP

Corey Aber and Luba Kim-Reynolds

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More and more, we're seeing a growing trend in the combination of sustainability and resident-centered housing practices in multifamily housing. Tina Tagliaferri from FCP, one of our 2024 Impact Sponsor organizations, shares how they're achieving this combination by partnering with service providers and collaborating with property management teams to create a better resident experience.

Chapter 1: 00:00 – FCP's approach to sustainability and resident-centered housing
Chapter 2: 07:50 – Getting started with service providers
Chapter 3: 09:28 – Providing a resident service and measuring its success
Chapter 4: 13:36 – Challenges and ways to overcome them
Chapter 5: 16:44 – Sustainable resident-centered housing practices and climate risk
Chapter 6: 23:35 – Tips on getting started

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