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2024 Multifamily Outlook

Corey Aber and Sara Hoffmann

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Economic conditions appear to be moderating as we head into 2024, and expectations are for the multifamily market to see positive but weaker growth in the year ahead. Corey Aber and Sara Hoffmann invite Michael Donnelly, Multifamily research manager and co-author of the 2024 Multifamily Outlook report, to discuss the market trends and forecasts for 2024.

Chapter 1: 00:00 – Economic big picture 
Chapter 2: 06:50 – Pressure of increased supply 
Chapter 3: 09:05 – Metro-level analysis 
Chapter 4: 11:46 – The next generation of renters 
Chapter 5: 13:39 – Cap rates and valuations 
Chapter 6: 18:39 – Volume forecast 
Chapter 7: 21:20 – Will the multifamily market have a turbulent descent?

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