Multifamily Podcast

Indian Areas with Travois and RBC

Steve Guggenmos and Corey Aber

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Recent research shows that at least 68,000 new affordable units must be constructed on Tribal lands to eliminate overcrowding, replace inadequate units and address the current housing need. In this episode, Steve and Corey are joined by three people who have significant expertise on this subject: Elizabeth Glynn, the CEO of Travois, Alexandria Murnan the Director of Affordable Housing at Travois, and John Galfione, Director and Investment Manager at RBC Community Investments. Together, they discuss the history of housing in Indian Areas and what’s being done to close the affordable housing gap.

  • Chapter 1: 0:00 – History of housing on Tribal lands
  • Chapter 2: 7:30 – Challenges, trends, needs and how the deals work
  • Chapter 3: 14:30 – A closer look at set-asides
  • Chapter 4: 22:45 – Recent transactions

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