Multifamily Podcast

Macro Trends with Sam Khater

Steve Guggenmos and Corey Aber

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Housing contributes to about one-sixth of the U.S. economy through labor, construction, goods to furnish new units, as well as other indirect factors. Real estate is also a huge influencer of inflation, with the change in home prices accounting for about a third of U.S. inflation. Ultimately, the real estate market really impacts the average renter or homeowner, whether they know it or not. In this episode, Steve and Corey go macro and discuss the economy and how it ties in to the housing market with Sam Khater, chief economist at Freddie Mac.

  • Chapter 1: 0:00 - 5:00 – Short and long-term trends
  • Chapter 2: 5:00 - 16:30 – Demographics and growth rates
  • Chapter 3: 16:30 - 22:00 – Severe long-term shortage in supply
  • Chapter 4: 22:00 - 25:00 – Single-family affordability
  • Chapter 5: 25:00 - 30:00 – Lower-income households
  • Chapter 6: 30:00 - end – The next ten years

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