Our credit-building initiative aims to strengthen a renter’s financial health and economic mobility through the reporting of on-time rental payments to the three major credit bureaus.

Since our launch in 2021, we’ve made great strides  helping hundreds of thousands of renters establish or increase a credit score and streamlining our process with rent-reporting vendors. In addition to Esusu, BILT and Jetty, we now work with two more vendors: Sperlonga and Stake.

All of these platforms report on-time rent payments to all three credit bureaus at no cost to renters. They will also report up to 24 months of available, on-time rental payments made prior to enrollment all with security and privacy standards to protect a renter’s data.

How to Get Started at No Cost

To participate in credit building with one of our vendors, sponsors must have a current Freddie Mac-backed loan or Freddie Mac-backed Low-Income Housing Tax Credit equity investment with at least 12 months remaining in its term.

At all eligible Multifamily properties, we’re offering credit building to sponsors and Optigo® lenders at no cost for the first year of enrollment and we have negotiated a discounted rate for participants thereafter.

To get started, sponsors or property owners can enroll their property by selecting and reaching out to any of our five rent-reporting vendors:

See the Credit Building FAQs for additional details on our enrollment process.

By opening our doors to more vendors, we hope to create better access to rent-reporting services nationwide – and with 44 million renters across the country, our work is far from done.

The vendor application process will re-open in early 2024. More information will be included on our Credit Building webpage in the upcoming months. 

Thank you to our Optigo lenders, sponsors and property owners for being a critical part of our credit-building journey.