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Multifamily Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am a Freddie Mac Multifamily Lender. How can I get access to the Multifamily Seller/Servicers Guide?

    Contact your system administrator to request the registration key or subscription ID, which will allow you to register using the AllRegs Product Registration page and access the Guide on AllRegs.

  2. How can I get a subscription to the Multifamily Guide for a legal firm, consultant, etc., that works with me on Freddie Mac transactions?

    The firm should also register with AllRegs; direct them to the AllRegs Product Registration page.

  3. Will I need training to learn to use the Guide?

    No. The Guide is designed to be intuitive and there is a "Help" link on the AllRegs website that explains how to use all the features of the online Guide. Unlimited telephone assistance from the experienced staff at AllRegs is just a phone call away at (651) 683-9705.

  4. Can I place personal notes within the body of the Guide?

    Yes. There you may make two types of notes available in the online version of the Guide, "Private" and "Public." Only you can see private notes, while public notes can be viewed by everyone in your organization. Click on the "Notes" tab in the Guide for instructions on how to use this feature.

  5. Can I search the Guide for a particular topic or word?

    Yes. From within AllRegs, select the Search tab, click on the Freddie Mac Multifamily checkbox, enter a word or phrase you would like to find and select how you want AllRegs to search for that word or phrase (all words, any words, exact phrase or find synonyms). A list of sections that include this word or phrase will appear in the right-hand panel with links to the searched word or phrase.

  6. How can I tell what's changed in the Guide?

    Freddie Mac publishes a Guide Bulletin each time there are changes to the Guide chapters, forms, and exhibits. Guide Bulletin cover letters explain the changes; these cover letters can be accessed from the Agency Guidelines tab on AllRegs; look under “Freddie Mac Multifamily” and then “Bulletins and Letters.”

    Each time a Guide Bulletin is published, Freddie Mac publishes an article on our Customer News page, which also will link to the Guide Bulletin cover letter posted on On AllRegs, once you are logged in, you can also sign up to receive E-Alerts to be sent to you via email each time Freddie Mac Multifamily publishes an update.

    Finally, new language in the text of the Guide is highlighted in green and the date that each section goes into effect is also provided.

  7. Whom do I call if I can't access the Guide on AllRegs?

    If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the Guide on, call AllRegs at (651) 683-9705.

  8. I am a Freddie Mac Multifamily Lender. How can I find out who within my company has access to the Guide?

    Ask your system administrator for a list of those who have access.