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The Rental Affordability Curve: A Distribution of Affordability

Corey Aber and Sara Hoffmann

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Renters, particularly those of low income, are facing significant affordability challenges. In this episode, Corey Aber and Sara Hoffmann welcome back Kevin Burke, senior on the Multifamily Research team and lead author on the Rental Affordability Curve paper. Kevin walks through how the Rental Affordability Curve estimates what percentage of the renter population likely faces affordability challenges and how severe the challenges are within specific income bands. 

Chapter 1: 00:00 – Industry methods of measuring affordability versus the Rental Affordability Curve 
Chapter 2: 06:26 – What does the Rental Affordability Curve look like? 
Chapter 3: 10:09 – Rent and income distribution near the parity line and at a national level 
Chapter 4: 16:07 – Comparing metro to metro 
Chapter 5: 22:13 – Percentiles translated into AMI 
Chapter 6: 26:06 – A surprising finding from the report

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