Multifamily Podcast

The Ivory Prize with Kent Colton

Steve Guggenmos and Corey Aber

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There is a lot happening at the grassroots level to address housing affordability that many people don’t know about. In this episode, Steve and Corey sit down with Kent Colton, president of the Colton Housing Group, senior research fellow at JCHS and chairman of the advisory board for the Ivory Prize – an annual award recognizing ambitious, feasible and scalable solutions to housing affordability. The Ivory Prize awards innovators and provides material support for innovative projects. It also helps to identify and raise awareness for grassroots housing efforts. In this conversation, Kent highlights several of the 2019 award-winning projects, discusses lessons learned and then looks ahead to the 2020 awards.

  • Chapter 1: 0:00 - 4:30 – Background of the Ivory Prize
  • Chapter 2: 4:30 - 15:00 – Construction, design and manufactured housing
  • Chapter 3: 15:00 - 30:30 – Lessons learned from 2019 awards
  • Chapter 4: 30:30 - end – The 2020 awards

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