Multifamily Giant Participation Certificates (Giant PCs) are single class pass-through securities that are collateralized by existing Freddie Mac Multi PCs® and/or Giant PCs. Giant PCs provide investors and dealers an option to consolidate eligible PCs and/or Giant PCs into a larger security with desired features while supporting the liquidity of Multi PCs. Giant PCs also enable investors to manage their portfolios more efficiently. Freddie Mac offers two types of Giant PCs: taxable and tax-exempt Giant PCs.

Giant PC Formation Guidelines

Freddie Mac forms Giant PCs through the following steps:

  • Approved dealers send requests to Freddie Mac for Giant PC formation at least three business days prior to settlement. Upon pricing, Freddie Mac will provide Pool Number and CUSIP.
  • At least two business days prior to settlement, the dealer provides a list of eligible securities to serve as the Giant PC collateral.
  • On the day prior to settlement, Freddie Mac will confirm the amount of transaction fee if the collateral list is accepted.
  • On the settlement date, the dealer delivers the securities serving as the Giant PC collateral and Freddie Mac delivers the new Giant PC to the dealer.
  • Giant PC offering document and disclosure are available one business day post settlement. The dealer may deliver the Giant PC to an investor upon receipt of the Giant PC offering document.

For assistance with the execution of a Giant PC transaction, please email: [email protected]

General Structure

Cash flows from the underlying Multi PCs and/or Giant PCs will be passed through to the Giant PC.

Giant PC Prefix Convention

Giant PC PrefixProduct TypeProduct DescriptionCollateral Prefix
WGFixed RateMF WAC Fixed-Rate Taxable GiantWA, WN, WR, WS, WG
W4Fixed RateMF WAC Fixed-Rate Tax-Exempt GiantWE, W4