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Whatever you need funding for – an acquisition, renovation, going green, or a supplemental loan – we’ve got your solution. Our Optigo® lenders will help you get started.

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We are working to bring equitable opportunities to everyone – both inside and out of the Multifamily industry.

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At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we created a way for you to get your renters help. This helpline of qualified tele-counselors will help them manage their finances.

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Viewpoints | July 26, 2021

2021 Midyear Outlook

With improving economic conditions throughout the country, the outlook for the apartment market has improved. Learn more in our report.

Read more about Multifamily's LIBOR updates and FAQs.

Our Viewpoints on the market and industry

2022 Multifamily Outlook

Steve Guggenmos
Steve Guggenmos
VP Research & Modeling

A Look Ahead at Our 2022 Affordability Goals

Steve Guggenmos
Steve Guggenmos
VP Research & Modeling

2021: The Bounce Back Year

Meg McElgunn
Meg McElgunn
Senior Director, Freddie Mac SBL Production

Tenant Advancement Through Credit Building

Alexis Sofyanos
Alexis Sofyanos
Senior Director, Equity in Multifamily Housing