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Equity in Multifamily Housing

Driving Real Change

Our vision is an industry where everyone has equitable opportunities to thrive. We value diversity inside our company and in the Optigo® network.

News and Developments

Emerging Borrowers

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on our Correspondent Program and click to learn how emerging borrowers can work with Freddie Mac.

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Credit Building for Renters

We recently hit our one-year anniversary of the Credit Building program and have great results to share.

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Expanding Affordability

Learn more about our work with Berkadia and Stoneweg US that provides a new way to support lending for mission-rich, affordable housing.

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Our TAH Loans Increased Nearly 60% in 2022

Our total production volume also included a record of nearly $1B in LIHTC investments.

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Our Largest Deal in a High Opportunity Area

We recently partnered with the Optigo network to preserve 392 units of affordable housing.

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Our First Credit Facility Specifically for TAH

The credit line preserves and improves affordable housing across four properties in two states.

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Highlighting Our Impact on Equitable Housing

Our interactive map shows examples of how we’re going further to fulfill our mission and make the rental housing market more equitable.
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2022 Impact Sponsors

Last year we created the Impact Sponsor accolade to shine a light on sponsors who focus their business on building communities and enriching lives. Congratulations to BH, our 2022 Impact Sponsor of the Year!

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Credit Building

Our initiative benefits renters, property owners and the industry, using on-time rent payments to build renters' individual credit scores.

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Equity Calendar

Being aware of important historical and cultural dates, as well as the meaning behind them, helps us all support each other better.

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