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Equity in Multifamily Housing

Driving Real Change

Our vision is an industry where everyone has equitable opportunities to thrive. We value diversity inside our company and in the Optigo® network.

Areas of Focus

Diverse Borrowers

We're helping minority, women, LGBTQ+, individuals with disabilities, and veteran-owned sponsors grow and scale.

Tenant Advancement

We're developing various ways to reward our most impactful sponsors who are making efforts to improve the lives of tenants.


We're exploring underserved markets, increasing multifamily climate resiliency, and providing unique financing options.


Freddie Mac’s Equitable Housing Finance Plan

Learn more about how we will continue meeting our mission while bringing greater equity to the American Dream.
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Impact Sponsor Award

The Impact Sponsor Award is a new annual award established by Freddie Mac. Learn more about the award and Comunidad Partners, the 2021 winner.

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Credit Building

Our new initiative benefits renters, property owners and the industry, using on-time rent payments to build renters' individual credit scores.

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Equity Calendar

Being aware of important historical and cultural dates, as well as the meaning behind them, helps us all support each other better.

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