Exciting new changes to our Green Advantage® loan offerings are here. More loans are now eligible for better pricing through Green Up® and Green Up Plus®:

  • Affordability requirements are eliminated
  • 7- and 10-year terms, both fixed and floating rate, all qualify — no longer limited to 10-year fixed
  • Go green to see green — borrowers are eligible for a pricing benefit up to 15 bps. These green benefits and savings are in addition to any affordability benefits we currently offer for Conventional or Targeted Affordable Housing (TAH) Cash Preservation loans.
  • Borrower on the fence? Ask for a Green quote! We’ll reimburse up to $4,000 for the cost of the green report, when Freddie Mac funds the loan.

It’s not just loan and transaction savings either — the average borrower pockets $191 per unit more each year through reduced utilities costs, and the average resident saves $129 every year!

Let’s talk about opportunities to make our properties and communities a little greener.

Updates to the Multifamily Seller/Servicer Guide are coming soon. In the meantime, see our revised term sheet. This offering applies to Conventional and TAH loans.

Because with Freddie Mac, the grass really is greener.