Manufactured Housing Resident-Owned Communities (MHROCs) have drawn increasing attention for their ability to help provide residents with decision-making authority and influence in their local housing communities. Although the MHROC market is quite small, it plays an important role for residents in these areas.

Until recently, there has been limited comprehensive data about MHROCs, which made it difficult to fully understand this niche market. To address this, in 2018, we compiled a directory of resident-owned communities and surveyed individual MHROCs to gather details about their locations, rental information, ownership structures and financing sources. These questions were integral to understanding the unique MHROC characteristics, restrictions, benefits and challenges.

In this report , we discuss Manufactured Housing Communities with a special focus on the resident-owned segment, and present key findings from our survey, analysis of various MHROC models, and best practices for converting investor-owned communities to resident-owned communities.

Manufactured housing infographic