With the support of all our lenders and borrowers, we funded $73.8 billion last year, including nearly $1 billion in Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) equity investments. A remarkable achievement. However, what impresses me most is how you rose to the challenge and partnered with our team to knock it out of the park with our affordable housing goals.

With your help, we reached the highest volume of affordable business in our history. Incredible teamwork is what made this happen. Both at Freddie Mac and every one of your shops, staff worked tirelessly to make the impossible a reality. Well executed!

We appreciate all our lenders, but I’d like to take a few minutes to call out some truly exceptional accomplishments. We’ve always celebrated our top Optigo® lenders by volume, but as we increase focus on our mission, it’s just as important to recognize those lenders who are going above and beyond — our new Mission Masters!

So, without further ado, below is the number one lender for each category. And if you’d like to see the full rankings, check out our Lender Appreciation page.

Volume Drivers:

  • Top Overall Optigo Lender: Berkadia at $11.1 billion
  • Top Optigo Lender, Conventional: Berkadia
  • Top Optigo Lender, Small Balance Loans: CBRE
  • Top Optigo Lender, Targeted Affordable Housing: Berkadia
  • Top Optigo Lender, Seniors Housing: Newmark
  • Top Optigo Lender, Student Housing: Wells Fargo
  • Top Optigo Lender, Manufactured Housing Communities: Capital One

Mission Masters:

  • Top Optigo Lender, LI & VLI Housing: Berkadia
  • Top LIHTC Syndicator of Rural Duty to Serve: RBC Capital Markets
  • Top Lender, Structured Transactions: Citibank
  • Top Optigo Lender, Forward Rate-Locks: Grandbridge
  • Top Optigo Lender, Workforce Housing Preservation: PGIM