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Viewpoints | July 23, 2019

Let's Go Further

Peter Giles
Article By
Peter Giles, VP Production & Sales*

What’s In a Name?

Since we launched Optigo® earlier this year, the name that once drew many questions has become a natural part of our daily business conversation. We use it every day as we talk about the advantages of our Optigo loans, the reach of our Optigo network and the special relationship between Freddie Mac and Optigo lenders. But we still get many questions about why we created the name and what it stands for. 

We created it to give a name to our unique value proposition: the Freddie Mac Multifamily way of working side by side with our lenders to create solutions for borrowers. We also wanted to point to the future as we continue to transform our business and industry. We’re raising the bar on tools and technology so making home possible is more efficient and seamless. Optigo says we’re building with the best (optimal) and going further than the rest.

More Than a Word

While Optigo stands for Freddie Mac’s Multifamily business, it also much more — it’s our culture. It’s making the extra effort on solutions like Green Advantage® and Small Balance Loans. It’s our longstanding reputation of maintaining high credit standards. It’s the deep relationships we've forged over the past decades, which are a solid foundation for future successes.

Make It Your Own

Each new solution we develop in the years to come will add to what Optigo means. Going further will look different for all of us, so while we have started out with a definition of Optigo, its deeper meaning will evolve as we do. Join us — share the ways your work and your relationships are pushing our industry forward. #OptigoFurther.

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