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October 27, 2017

An Oasis of Inspiration in the Desert

John Cannon
Article By
John Cannon, SVP Production & Sales*

At the closing reception of our Customer Conference, I was chatting with one of our customers who was attending our event for the first time. She said she’d always heard big things about our conference but discounted it as most likely being just a lot of hype.

Instead, she was totally blown away. “I have heard people talk about Freddie Mac being innovative, smart and more client focused,” she told me, “But now, I get it!

Seeing that “ah-ha!” moment was a thrill. That’s exactly why we host this event each year—because innovation cannot happen without inspiration.

For us, that inspiration comes from you—spending time together, building relationships and exchanging ideas. It’s where we get our best ideas. So, to the more than 1,200 of you who attended this year’s conference, thank you for joining us and being our inspiration. 

I hope that had your own “ah-ha!” moments, whether it was teeing off at the Women in Multifamily Golf Scramble, networking at a reception, or taking part in any of the 14 in-depth break-out sessions offered. Guests like Bobby Turner (our keynote speaker), General (Ret) Stan McChrystal, Sandra Thompson, Justin Wheeler, and our own Don Layton were all great catalysts for fresh thinking.

Of course, great ideas don’t just happen at our conference! Keep the conversations rolling with our staff and share your “ah-ha!” moments and ideas with us—whenever they strike. General McChrystal called it “collective consciousness.” This free exchange of ideas is an essential part of our success at Freddie Mac, and it helps us build solutions that give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

As I said on stage Tuesday afternoon, change is constant and it’s happening fast thanks to a shifting business environment. As innovators and pioneers for multifamily, this change fuels us; it means new opportunities to experiment, transform and grow with you. We look forward to doing just that as we close out 2017 on a strong note and aim to make 2018 your and our best year yet!

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