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October 16, 2018

Nashville: A Vibrant Stage for Targeted Affordable Housing

David Leopold
Article By
David Leopold, VP Targeted Affordable Sales & Investments*


Nashville is a city where you feel things happening. Everywhere downtown there’s music, artists on the verge of making it big, and life on the streets. With the energy it radiates, you can’t help feeling things are possible, that we can make the future of housing finance brighter.

So, Nashville was a fitting, vibrant stage for our biggest and best Annual Conference — spotlighting transformation, how we can shape our industry and our future.

Along with the chance to talk business and connect, the Conference helped us reflect on what we’ve achieved and what might be possible — and I hope provided some inspiration for us to think bigger and create new solutions. Listening to Peter Diamandis on artificial intelligence and his vision for the future — or Jeff Blau on solving challenges to build the largest construction project America’s yet seen — it sparked the question: How can I apply this to what we do at Freddie Mac with all of you, to our industry and affordable housing, to make a bigger difference in people’s lives?

We’ll soon wrap up another record year — with more than $6 billion to date in Targeted Affordable Housing volume — and we continue to launch new offerings. With your help, we’ll do things a little differently — a little bigger and a little better.

It was great to see your enthusiasm for product launches like the Targeted Affordable Mezzanine Loan — a creative approach to help Borrowers curb rent increases through the incentives we provide. And, with our newly minted Non-LIHTC Forwards, Borrowers are better able to tap the wealth of resources and subsidies to build more, and better, workforce and affordable housing. As we close new deals in the year ahead, we’re excited to see how these offerings grow and evolve.

We know many of the challenges — and we look forward to tackling them, together.

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