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May 17, 2018

After the Close, We're Still There

Leanne Spies

Why is our servicing standard the standard? It’s because throughout the life of the loan, we provide top-notch service, every step of the way. We don’t disappear once the loan is funded – our customer-centric standard stays the same whether the loan is in our portfolio or securitized.

We Set the Standard

Commercial mortgage servicing does have its challenges – so we’ve improved upon it by creating a servicing structure that provides a better Borrower experience.

We meet with Chief Servicing Officers and Master Servicers multiple times a year and have direct lines of communication with our primary servicing shops. With consistency across all parties, you can count on us to provide clear expectations and fast turnaround times.

We're Invested

As guarantors on the loans we securitize, we’re deeply involved in these investments. We continue to monitor the loans post-securitization and lead the way to balance the interests of all parties involved. Our investment opportunities are in high demand because we maintain the quality and standard you expect.

We Give You Peace of Mind

Open communication is one of our key strengths – and we step up in times of need. Before it stopped raining in Houston during Hurricane Harvey, we responded with a solution to help our partners deal with the aftermath — getting buy-in from all parties, from servicers to investors.

This approach earned appreciation from Borrowers, Seller/Servicers and Investors alike:

"The rapid, well-orchestrated forbearance program allowed Borrowers to focus their efforts and cash flow to bring the assets back online as quickly as possible,” said David Haley, CBRE managing director

“Freddie Mac did an excellent job reaching out to investors like us ahead of the hurricane plan rollout. It gave us an opportunity to directly hear from them about why and how the program was developed, ask questions and share comments,” said Pete Petron, managing director of Harbor Group International LLC.

For Paul Fingersh, managing member of KC Venture Group LLC, our creative solutions helped keep a vacated property from going into maturity default by placing the asset into a revolving credit facility. “They kept their eye on the ball and made it happen within 60 days. It was an incredible execution – working with Freddie Mac’s servicing team is unparalleled.”

But it’s not just during natural disasters that we’re looking out for your interests – we’re leading a team that works hard every day to provide the support you expect. We appreciate your partnership and will continue to be there for you throughout the life of every loan.

Leanne Spies
Senior Vice President
Asset Management & Operations

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