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Lender Guide to Using Our Brands

Multifamily & Optigo Logo Examples

In recent years, we've transformed our business by partnering with you, our lender network. To reflect these changes and our future direction, we introduced a new name for our lender network and multifamily loan offerings: Freddie Mac OptigoSM.

As part of our lender network, we encourage you to integrate this new name into your existing and future marketing materials. Below you’ll find guidance and examples of how to do this.

Logo usage is normally restricted to our Optigo lenders. To request a logo, use our online form.

If you have more questions about Optigo, please send us an email, and thank you for joining us on our journey to "Aim higher. Optigo further."

  1. What is Freddie Mac OptigoSM?

    It's the new name for our lender network and loan offerings. All our Seller/Servicers are now Freddie Mac Optigo lenders selling and servicing Freddie Mac Optigo loans.

  2. Why "Optigo"? Is that even a real word?

    You got us there. Optigo is a word we made up – it combines our commitment to create optimal solutions with our drive to go and get them done. The word "Optigo" makes us think of optimal, optimistic, optimize… all words that reflect our ethos at Freddie Mac Multifamily. And the word "go" reflects that we’re never satisfied with the status quo – we're always moving forward.

  3. What happened to Freddie Mac Multifamily? That's the name my borrowers know. Can I still use it?

    We are still proudly Freddie Mac Multifamily. This hasn’t changed. Freddie Mac Optigo is our lender network and our loan offerings. The company and our securities are still Freddie Mac Multifamily.

    Please use "Freddie Mac Optigo" when you're talking about the lender network or our loan categories. But continue to use Freddie Mac Multifamily to refer to our company.

  4. Why did you make this change?

    We created Optigo to be a one-word value proposition for the top lending network and loan offerings in multifamily finance. Over time, borrowers will come to know that if it’s Optigo, it's the best.

  5. How do you want us to use the word Optigo?

    We ask that you now refer to yourselves as Freddie Mac Optigo lenders. You don't need to change anything already printed, but over the next few months, as you update your website and create or edit marketing materials, please start using the Freddie Mac Optigo name and logo. You can request a logo here.

    If you use social media, follow the Freddie Mac Multifamily LinkedIn Showcase page. When you post, please tag us by typing @Freddie Mac Multifamily and #optigofurther.

  6. It's still not completely clear – can you provide some sample sentences of how we should use Optigo?

    Here are some examples of how you might use "Freddie Mac Optigo" in communications to your borrowers:

    • Being in the Freddie Mac OptigoSM network means we offer you competitive solutions that many other lenders can't.
    • We are a Freddie Mac OptigoSM lender for Small Balance Loans — one of only a few nationwide.
    • We are a leading Freddie Mac OptigoSM Conventional lender.
    • Our Freddie Mac OptigoSM loans for Targeted Affordable Housing offer the financing solutions you need.
    • We're pleased to have closed a $25 million Freddie Mac OptigoSM loan for Seniors Housing.
  7. Will Optigo be added to the Seller/Servicer Guide?

    Yes, this spring there will be an update to the Guide and you will see more of how we are integrating Optigo into our company, as well as how you should integrate it into yours.

  8. I need the logo to update our marketing materials. How do I get it?

    To request a logo, please use our online form. We will respond within one to two business days. As part of this process, we will request to see a screenshot to review how you are using the logo.

  9. Which logo should I use – Optigo or Freddie Mac Multifamily?

    In most cases, as Freddie Mac Optigo lenders offering Freddie Mac Optigo loans, you would want to use the Freddie Mac Optigo logo. This covers all our Multifamily loan offerings and our lenders. Our company name, Freddie Mac Multifamily, still appears in the Optigo logo — so your borrowers know they’re in the right place.

    If there's a reason that you're referring to our broader company, then the regular Freddie Mac Multifamily logo might be the better fit. If you think this is the case, you can indicate this on the logo request form.