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Lender Guide to Using Our Brand

Multifamily & Optigo Logo Examples

In recent years, we've transformed our business by partnering with our lender network. To reflect these changes and our future direction, we introduced a new name for our lender network and multifamily loan offerings: Freddie Mac Optigo®.

We encourage all our lenders to integrate this new name into existing and future marketing materials. We created this page to provide guidance on how to do this. The Logo Usage section shows how the Optigo logo should appear. The FAQs Section gives details about what Optigo is and how to use the word in website or marketing copy.

We thank everyone in our lender network for joining us on our journey to transform the future of multifamily finance.

Aim higher. Optigo further.

Logo Usage

Using the Optigo logo is generally restricted to Optigo lenders. Use this form to request logo files.

Give it breathing room: Leave clear space around the logo.

To maximize the visual presence and distinctiveness of our logos, both the Freddie Mac Multifamily logo and the Freddie Mac Optigo logo have an "exclusion zone" of clear space around them.

Let the design shine: Utilize the following color options.


Used in most applications, preferably on a white background.

One color solid black

May only be printed in solid black. Should not be used on websites.

Reversed out

Appears white on a dark, solid background. Use when printing in one color that is not black.

Bypass common bloopers: Don't use the logo incorrectly.

Whenever possible, the Freddie Mac Multifamily and Freddie Mac Optigo logos should appear on a white background. If using a background color other than white, the background color must be of significant contrast to the logo. Use a dark background color for the reversed-out version of the logo and a light-colored background for the one-color or full-color versions of the logo.

The logos should not be placed on a patterned or textured background. The logos should only be put over a photographic image if the image area on which the logos appear is a solid (or near solid), uninterrupted area of white or a color. The logos should not be reversed out of a screened or halftone background.

Exclusion Zone

Graphic element may not intrude on exclusion zone.


Proportion may not be changed.

Logo Elements

Do not separate the logo graphic and wordmark.


There must be substantial contrast between the logo and the background.


Do not put the logo on a non-solid portion of a photographic background.


The solid color logo may only be printed in black.

Still have questions?

Click below to learn more about using the logo, using the word "Optigo" and why we created Optigo.