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Steve Lansbury


All Star Steve Lansbury

Steve Lansbury is our Senior Vice President, Multifamily Underwriting & Credit.

In his 20 years at Freddie Mac, Steve has touched all parts of the business – from underwriting TAH loans in the Southeast region to conventional loans in the Northeast. He’s come a long way since answering a classified ad in a local newspaper for an underwriter.

His interest in all facets of real estate development, and overall love of numbers, made the analytical nature of underwriting loans for Freddie Mac the perfect fit for him. But it’s about more than just the work – the people he’s met across the country have left a lasting impression – “our customers and borrowers span the spectrum of human experiences…. and personalities!”

In his new position, Steve is ideally situated to lead underwriting with his meticulous nature and attention to detail. In fact, in his time at Freddie Mac, Steve has underwritten more loans than most small- to mid-sized banks do in a decade and can remember the minutest details of every deal he’s touched – who the leads were, what were the property conditions, etc.

Now, that’s impressive – even a little daunting, although he admits, “I can remember all that but can’t remember to pick up milk from the store when my wife asks me.” If your wife will give you a pass, then so will we.

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