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Lamar Myers



All Star Lamar Myers

Lamar Myers is a Small Balance Loan (SBL) production manager in the Northeast region.

Hailing from Queens, New York, Lamar grew up in the shadow of Shea Stadium. As a Mets fan, that’s not a bad thing – even if your team consistently underperforms or chokes away division leads in perpetuity. But it also means he was a stone’s throw from Manhattan, which he visited often with his parents.

The skyline, with its unique and often enormous buildings, always fascinated him. He’d wonder how these buildings were designed and constructed and by whom. As he grew older, he was still drawn to cityscapes, but he grew more interested in how these buildings were financed and engineered.

Lamar joined Citigroup’s Structured Transactions group right out of college. While working on a Freddie Mac Multifamily deal, he met with our SBL team to discuss underwriting. What he thought would be a smooth, vanilla transaction turned out to be anything but. Three hours later, he was blown away by the amount of due diligence and thorough research they had done on the portfolio of properties, and that stuck with him.

After a brief stint working in affordable multifamily preservation for the New York City government, he heard about the SBL program that we were launching and jumped at the opportunity. The rest, as they say, is history.

His prior work experience, life-long interest in real estate and customer focus make Lamar a perfect fit in SBL. He loves working with his close-knit team and its diverse group of driven professionals – in the front and backends – who provide an energetic work environment and innovative products for our customers.

When he’s not looking for the next SBL property, Lamar is caring for his son Gavin – who’s almost a year old – or at the gym pumping iron. Somewhere in there, he finds time to sleep – we assume.

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