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Jun Li


All Star Jun Li

Jun Li is a senior director of quantitative analytics in the Multifamily Capital Markets Team.

Born and raised in Nanjing, China, one of its ancient capitals located on the Yangtze River, Jun showed great aptitude in math from a young age, which led to his Master of Applied Mathematics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He didn’t stop there and continued his studies, earning a Ph.D. in Statistics from George Washington University and, later, an MBA in Finance from the University of Maryland.

Jun’s career started at Ernst & Young performing economic research and analytical modeling before moving into the multifamily mortgage market at Fannie Mae, where he worked for six years.

Then, in 2004, an old colleague introduced him to David Brickman, who managed credit risk modeling, portfolio management and capital markets for Freddie Mac Multifamily at the time. David’s background in economics and long-term views on the multifamily finance market aligned perfectly with Jun’s own views and interests.

Jun eagerly joined Freddie Mac Multifamily to work with David and expand our business analytics and quantitative modeling area.

During his career, he’s seen multifamily financing become increasingly important in cost-burdened housing markets. His quantitative skills and insight into digital transformation bolster business innovation – helping us better serve the rental housing market and our Optigo® lenders.

When he’s not performing analytical feats, Jun enjoys curling – a niche but expanding ice sport – which demands teamwork, strategy, warm clothes, and, most likely, a beer. He welcomes you to join his team or challenge him on the ice – if you dare.

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