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Joe Chera


All Star Steve Lansbury

Joe Chera is the facilities manager for our Northeast regional office in Manhattan.

Joe’s a rolling stone who has lived all over the Northeast – from Pittsburgh, to Hartford, to Albany (twice) – until finally settling in the Bronx with his wife and “fur-babies” – a dog and three cats.

He attended Iona College, where he majored in business and minored in advertising, but his true love is drumming. There was only one musical outlet available at Iona for a percussionist though – a bagpipe band. Admittedly, Joe was skeptical, but to his surprise, he loved the experience – and wearing a kilt. He still plays with a bagpipe band today.

After a stint at Clear Channel Radio, he landed in an information technology (IT) position at Cessna. Joe had no IT experience but embraced the “trial by fire” and loved the mix of IT and facilities management work. Just like that, his career veered in an entirely new direction and a two-month gig turned into 10 years.

When his subdivision closed, Joe went to Disney World to unwind and plan his next steps. As usual, opportunity was waiting to pounce with a job offer. Little did he know, while waiting for the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, that his next stop would be Freddie Mac Multifamily, not an abandoned mine shaft.

Five years later, Joe is thriving. His positive attitude and skillset help him deftly manage building operations. Every day, he overcomes a new challenge – but the bagpipes are always calling.

When he’s not beating drums or helping the Northeast office stay afloat, you might find Joe DJ’ing your wedding or at your favorite bar hosting trivia night. It’s hard to know exactly what he’s doing or where he’s going but that’s alright – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. A facilities manager would know.

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