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Jillian Grzywacz


All Star Jillian Grzywacz

Jillian Grzywacz is a producer for our Targeted Affordable Housing (TAH) business.

Growing up outside Philadelphia, in a small town called Gilbertsville, Jillian knew she was destined for bigger things. After graduating from Penn State University, where she studied risk management with a focus on real estate, she followed her brother Andrew, also a Penn State alumnus, to a different sort of campus – one in McLean, Virginia.

Freddie Mac turned out to be the perfect fit for her skillset and career aspirations. Her internship with an affordable housing developer during college fueled her desire to tackle housing affordability on a grander scale. After working in underwriting for her first year and a half, she was approached by her current manager, Dwayne George, TAH production senior director, to work in production.

Jillian loves the production world – the variety of deals, the problems to solve, the constant change and evolution – perfect for a burgeoning career on the rise. The mission focus of TAH products is especially appealing to her; they often require creative deal structures and have a clear positive social impact.

As she continues to grow into her role and advance her career, she remains hungry, motivated and sponge-like to all those around her – soaking up all she can learn. When she’s not tackling America’s housing crisis, she’s planning her next trip. The top of her list? Japan and Italy – the geographic and cultural differences fascinate her almost as much as the next affordable deal – almost.

P.S. It’s pronounced griz-wacks.

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