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Dwayne George


All Star Dwayne George

Dwayne graduated from Goucher College in Towson, Maryland, where he played two years of varsity basketball while managing a full course load and planning his future. After graduating, he brought the same drive and determination to Georgetown University, where he earned his master’s in real estate finance.

A Venn diagram of Dwayne’s career would probably resemble the Olympic rings, which is fitting for a competitor. He started at Greystone – originating multifamily loans for Fannie Mae – then moved on to NorthMarq, Enterprise Community Partners, and finally stuck the landing at Freddie Mac, where he’s managing a dream team of his own.

With more than 15 years under his belt, Dwayne has seen all sides of multifamily finance and knows how important it is in today’s housing market. His experience in lender shops – on the front and back ends – gives him unique perspective and technical knowledge that help balance our business goals with customers’ needs. He has a strong ability to motivate people and emphasizes teamwork in achieving a collective goal.

Time is at a premium, but family always comes first. When he’s not playing basketball or at the gym, he’s spending as much time as possible with his 15-year old daughter, Khirah. His primary motivator in life, she’s an honors student at the same high school her dad attended and a fierce competitor, as well. She plays soccer and her lacrosse team recently won the league championship. Watch out, Dwayne – looks like we have another all-star rising fast.

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